Guide to Naples For the History Lover & Adventure-Seeker

Welcome to Naples!

You are probably thinking: history, pizza, and Mount Vesuvius – you’re not wrong. There are many ways to enjoy the city districts, but it depends on what you’re there for. Are you looking to visit historical landmarks and national treasures? Or experience a slice of life (and pizza) from the locals’ perspective? You can enjoy both!

Read more to craft the perfect visit and make your curious traveler’s heart sing. If you are looking for the foodie’s guide to Naples, read ​this​!


For the History Lover

If you love greeneries and gardens, you’ll find yourself at home at S. Severo Chapel, the Church of Santa Chiara. The gardens are an oasis within the chaotic city center. The beautiful greenery and the old church with gorgeous architecture set the scene for a wonderful afternoon of experiencing Naples!

While you’re there, visit the famous Cristo Velato (which translates to Veiled Christ) to see firsthand the subject of legends. This particular sculpture of Christ is made entirely of marble and rumored to have been created by alchemy performed by the sculptor Giuseppe Sanmartino. Sanmartino dedicated himself to the studies of science and art, which is apparent in this beautiful creation. The Cristo Velato is truly a marvel of impressive iconographic design, well worth a visit when you come to Naples!

For a taste of historic luxury, visit the impressive Royal Palace of Naples. The palace and museum holds rooms full of history that are open to visitors. It was the residence of many royals often on vacation and retreat, including King Phillip III of Spain and Charles III. Supposedly modeled to rival Versailles, there is a chapel edifice that mesmerizes and boasts an awe-inspiring view that you’ll definitely want to see for yourself.

Nearby, the Quartieri Spagnoli, arguably the most authentic part of Naples, has narrow streets winding uphill, west of Via Toledo. This is a beautiful area for shopping and exploring that has aged beautifully with time. You should certainly spend at least an afternoon to look around. I encourage you to explore some of the buildings here to find the nooks and crannies at high vantage points that offer the best views of the city. This is prime real estate to people-watch and get a view of how locals enjoy a historical area.


Enjoy the buzz of people and vendors that know one another and chat about life in Naples – this is definitely a great way to catch the essence of old Naples.

Ready to grab a bite? Via dei Tribunali is the ultimate destination for all pizza and street food lovers. The area is vibrating with like-minded foodies, and is always lively and bustling with people eating delicious Napoli pizza. The pizzerias and little shops with Neopolitan street foods will blow you away. You haven’t experienced Naples until you’ve eaten a Margherita at Di Matteo and tasted the deep fried pizza at Zia Esterina Sobillo

Another must for the history-lover is the San Gregorio Armeno street, famous for intricate street Nativity scenes. This is a great place to find beautiful, ornate miniature figurines that depict the events of Jesus’ birth. The vibrant colors and reverence for this particular part of religious history is perfect for all the history buffs, holiday-lovers and Christmas enthusiasts!



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There is so much to see and learn about in the city of Naples! For a guided tour of the city’s historical sites, bring a camera and enjoy underground city tours with great value (the guided tour is included!) at Napoli Sotterranea.

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