Ever daydream about lounging on a beach, taking a much-deserved vacation with a beautiful view of the sparkling ocean? I definitely recommend you (and your loved ones) indulge in that beach vacation. And here’s a great place to start: Choose the beach that’s right for you! Which coast suits you? Sorrento or Amalfi?

Both the Sorrento Coast and Amalfi Coast are apart of the Sorrentine Peninsula in Southern Italy – Sorrento is in the north and touches the Bay of Naples, while Amalfi to the south borders the Gulf of Salerno. Each of them is gorgeous, offer a different taste of Southern Italy and are well worth the visit. But there are some big differences – read more to find out!



Sorrento Coast

You’ll find amazing beach clubs on both Sorrento and Amalfi, but each coast offers something different that speaks to different types of travellers. In Sorrento, you’ll find clubs with a more modern twist, like at Massa Lubrense. Guests can enjoy amazing panoramic views, elevated on rock platforms with tasty food options (any recommendations?) and a great location on the coast. Some great clubs to check out:

-​La Conca del Sogno​. The landscape is dazzling and gives you a taste of the luxury of Sorrento that keeps visitors coming back. The food is also delicious! What’s not to love?
-​Capitan Cook.​ This beach club is a great balance of quality and price, and has a wonderful view that you’ll definitely want to capture for memories’ sake (and maybe share on Insta).

-​La Solara​. For the young traveller, 20-somethings and couples, this is a great place to relax and get drinks with a fun-loving crowd. The location is a bit off the beaten path, but the energetic vibe makes it very much worth the visit!
-​Baia Delle Sirene​. With a great location and a more relaxed feel, this club is a great option for those travelling with family for a spot that everyone will enjoy.

For more good spots to visit, check out Vico Equense. Scrajo is a great option, with a thermal bath, Bikini Beach, and amazing restaurant!

Sorrento is definitely the destination for a perfect beach holiday. And the nightlife scene is not one to miss. Blu Mare and Filou are great clubs in the area that have tasty drinks and set the mood for a fun night out!

Amalfi Coast

In Amalfi, the beaches are not as sprawling and are smaller in comparison to Sorrento. The aesthetics elevate the traditions of Italian beach clubs, great for travellers of all ages. This nostalgia for old school vibes and style make for a very cute trip to the beach. Think big striped beach umbrellas and classic sunbeds. A trip to Amalfi also offers a gorgeous view of the city.

For older travellers, families and those who want a taste of Italy without the hills and inclines, this is certainly a great option.

Experience Amalfi like the locals do! Here are some great options:
-Maiori​ and ​Cetara​. Both of these small villages offer great beach club options. And these gorgeous Italian villages are lovely places to explore!
-​Vietri Sul Mare​. This small, centrally located city has a cute sandy beach. Read about it in our post about Amalfi!
-​La Rosa Dei Venti​ and ​Calypso​. These spots have delicious food and ​La Rosa Dei Venti ​is a great bed & breakfast, too!
-​La Scogliera​ and ​Pupetto​. These clubs in Positano offer a fancier, posh experience. These are definitely go-to glitzy spots, perfect for a glamorous evening and a must for social media lovers!

You’ll definitely find more locals and Italians in Amalfi. To some, that may be a guarantee for amazing, authentic Italian cuisine and wonderful service… Certainly worth a try! There are plenty of other great local food options that we’re excited to share in the upcoming ​Buon Appetito​ series! These are soon to come, stay tuned…

Why choose just one?

Both coasts might be a great fit for you, so choose based on your needs and what excites you the most. You’ll find more modern fare and experiences along with buzzing nightlife in Sorrento. And Amalfi showcases beloved Italian history and the glamor of old school Italian beach trips. The main difference between the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts are the beaches! Sorrento’s coast is made of rocks, while Amalfi is made of sand. And there is a marked difference between the beach clubs of each coast, but you should certainly experience these different beach styles for yourself.

We can’t wait to hear about your trip to the coasts. What are you most excited by: a taste of local Italian history or the modern flare of Italy? Tell us what you’re excited to experience in the comments!


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