Ever wonder what the Southern Italy coast looks like under the sun? Get the best view of the seaside from under an umbrella on your private terrace in Ravello, tucked away from the
busy city centre.

Rest after a long day of exploring the island while sipping champagne and enjoying fresh pastries from a local shop. And get ready to go partying in the evening, when the city sparkles as locals gather for food and drinks under the clear night sky.

It sounds like the dream vacation, or an Instagram post too good to be true, but
everything you need for this luxurious vacation is at your fingertips with One Percent Italy!

The island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast hold a treasure trove of true Italian experiences, and we have
private rooms and villas in numerous unique travel destinations across Italy. Arrive at our beautiful rental, chosen based on your needs and preferences, and One Percent Italy takes care of the rest.

Explore the city your way – browse our travel guides, local Italian eateries, and best
sightseeing recommendations – and contact us whenever you need anything. Enjoy the
convenience of a local check-in, available 24/7, to accommodate any of your needs.
Personalized tours and services are also available as a part of your rental.

We can’t wait to introduce you to the glamour of Italy.

You deserve a little luxury.



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